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  • 7/19/2019 19:19

    Gamla Stan

    The island of Gamla Stan is Stockholm’s old town, dating from the 13th century. The district is packed with narrow, cobbled alleyways, historic buildings, museums, and cafes, and is home to the Royal Palace Kungliga Slottet and Stockholm’s oldest building, Stockholm Cathedral, consecrated in 1306. As is typically our custom when arriving in a new...

  • 7/19/2019 12:05

    Capt. Brian's Favorite sail! The Mizzen Ballooner! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 224

  • 7/18/2019 10:32

    Stockholm Arrival

    We arrived into our berth at Wasahamnen in Stockholm, our home for the next few weeks, after a 10-mile run from Vaxholm. Except for a US Navy vessel, we’d not seen single other US-flagged vessel the entire time we’d been in the Baltic. But when we arrived at Wasahamnen, we were only one of many...

  • 7/17/2019 09:09


    Vaxholm Fortress was built in 1544 to protect Stockholm from naval attack, and repelled a Danish attack in 1612. The fortress became particularly important in the 1700s when the Finland became a part of Russia and Stockholm, once in the center of the Swedish kingdom, suddenly was near the eastern border. In 1719, the Russians...

  • 7/16/2019 08:37

    Return to Sweden

    We returned to Sweden from Uto, Finland six weeks after we’d departed for Aland and Finland, and had an easy crossing of the north Baltic Sea. As with our last stop in Sweden, we anchored for the night on the edge of the archipelago, this time near the island of Fejan. But this time we...

  • 7/15/2019 11:49

    Collision at Wasahamnen, Stockholm (MV Dirona Channel)

  • 7/14/2019 13:16


    Uto is right at the southwest tip of Finland, and a natural place for a military base. The Russians first built one here on their western border with Sweden and enhanced it in the early 1900s to protect from an increased threat from Germany. The area is full of guns and military fortifications that appear...

  • 7/13/2019 11:29

    The Scenic Route

    From the Aland Islands, we’d run fairly directly to Helsinki and then on to the Saimma Lakes. On the return, we took a more scenic route that brought us closer to shore-side infrastructure and settlements. The boating season hadn’t really started when we were heading east, but was well underway on on the westbound trip—it...

  • 7/13/2019 07:31


    After we complete the work on Envoy in Corfu's Gouvia marina our agents, A1 Yachting, clear us out of Greece and we head to Sarande in Albania just a short hop across the Corfu Channel. Our friend Chris is still with us.  On the way a six metre powerboat overtakes us at high speed about five metres off our beam – unthinking, dangerous behavior from locals in high speed power boats can be a problem throughout the Med. At Sarande the shelter isn't very good as it's fully exposed to the South while the prevailing NW winds send a swell around into the bay. We're directed to moor quayside, but the quay was in fact just a finger about 10 metres long leaving Envoy's stern exposed and close to a large car ferry. So we decide not to stay there but to anchor out in the bay close to a NZ yacht with a solo yachtsman aboard. With our flopper stoppers deployed the effect of the swell is considerably reduced and we're quite comfortable. Sarande anchorage viewed from castle Envoy alongside a very s...

  • 7/12/2019 15:57

    Jun-Jul 2019: A Boat Monitoring Project

    There is an old theorem in the yacht ownership universe ("yacht" being code for an over-complicated boat) that has several nuanced variations, but each version generally goes something like this: Q: How do you become a millionaire?  A: Start out as a billionaire and then buy a boat.  So in that spirit, here’s another installment in what seems to be a continuing series of how to spend money on boating without (currently at least) doing much boating. The Match-box Sized Trackimo Device Locates Ghost Rider on a 24-by-7 Basis via Cellular & GPS Triangulation & Until Now Has Been the Only "Monitoring" Device Aboard the Boat. As mentioned in a previous blog post, we had decided to pursue a remote boat monitoring solution for Ghost Rider.  Up until this year we had spent most of our time aboard, and any short separations were mostly when the boat was on the hard for maintenance. So this hadn’t been a priority until very recently when medical issues grounded us for a spell. While we had a...

  • 7/12/2019 15:42

    Jun-Jul 2019: Some Routine Maintenance

    The Red Arrow Points to Our Original Slip Location at Legacy Harbour.  The Green Arrow Points Out Our New Location in Slip B-11.   It's Like a Different Zip Code. While the month of June had been reserved mostly for Rick’s post-surgical recovery and a couple of “special projects” (remote monitoring and CCTV camera solutions, separate blogs to follow) we still had to tend to the more mundane and regular maintenance tasks that Ghost Riderrequires to stay healthy and seaworthy. But at the top of our June list was moving the boat from the far end of Legacy Harbour’s “D” dock (slip # D-22, which we have joked is in a different zip code than the remainder of the marina) to a much closer-in slip on the “B” dock.  With the departure of a large number of snow-bird boats in May, Eric (the dockmaster) was able to reserve B-11 for us.  So we picked a dry and calm June afternoon and maneuvered Ghost Riderto its new summer mooring. Given the hot, humid and frequently stormy summer weather here in...

  • 7/12/2019 08:22

    Great Saimaa Lakes

    Some of the best places we have visited in our cruise around the world were destinations we hadn’t heard of before arriving in the area. The Great Saimaa Lake system is a beautiful example. We knew we wanted to visit Finland and were looking forward to exploring the thousands of islands that make it a...

  • 7/11/2019 22:29

    SCARIEST Dive Yet - Midnight ocean SCUBA in 5,000 ft of water! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 223

  • 7/10/2019 03:11

    Saimaa Canal Exit

    On our exit from the Saimaa Canal, we passed through all eight locks, cleared out of Finland, through Russia, and back into Finland all in one busy 15-hour run. As with our entry, the boat was searched extensively at the Russian border, but otherwise the process went smoothly. And also as on the inbound journey,...

  • 7/9/2019 00:55

    Return to Lappeenranta

    From Lake Pihlajavesi we ran 71 miles back to Lappeenranta, overnighting partway along. We’d gone through almost all the gasoline we bought in Nynashamn back in April, so stopped off at Puumala to fill our gas tanks for the tender and top up our diesel. At Lappeenranta we found a surprisingly secluded anchorage just north...

  • 7/8/2019 12:35

    Physics of Docking 102F - Docking Bow In

    Having covered the basics of docking a large, single screw vessel on a side tie, we now use the same techniques to dock bow in to a slip. Watch this episode here: Enjoy! Douglas Cochrane... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 7/8/2019 00:28

    Lake Pihlajavesi

    The Saimaa Ringed Seal are among the most endangered in the world, with a current population below 400 animals. They have been isolated from other Ring Seal species for nearly 10,000 years when the the land rose in the last ice age, and are one of the few living freshwater seals. Sightings are rare, but...

  • 7/4/2019 19:30

    MINI-DOCO! 📽How To Track Down MOBY DICK. Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 222

  • 7/2/2019 07:24


    Leaving Parga on Greece's mainland coast we cruise further up to Mourtos – one of Di's favorite shopping areas and also one of mine as they have an excellent hardware store and more importantly a great bakery with delicious chocolate cakes. Parga harbour viewed from castle At many of these small boat harbors it's quite difficult to find a place to leave your tender as nowhere provides a designated area and you have to find a spot among the local small fishing boats. There is no real concern about theft, just finding a vacant spot. The first night at Mourtos there's a lot of lightning in the distance and this is always a bit disconcerting because if a thunderstorm arrives it can often bring nasty squalls and wind shifts. Our only few bad nights aboard Envoy have been during thunderstorms, but fortunately this one stays well away. Another night we return to Envoy from ashore to find a yacht anchored much too close to us – at times only four metres away. We put out fenders but don't a...

  • 6/29/2019 19:30

    Q&A with Brian and Kazza in Sweden! Sailing Vessel Delos

  • 6/27/2019 22:29

    Cannot wait to tell you the news! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 221

  • 6/26/2019 08:43

    Steamship Tour and Cruise (MV Dirona Channel)

  • 6/23/2019 06:37


    Yep, in more ways than one — — Excellent satire Nordhavn 57-26 Istaboa

  • 6/22/2019 20:06

    Ep. 87 Alexandra, my daughter is testing water skiing for the first time.

  • 6/22/2019 13:23

    Ep.76 Surrounded by dolphins when I take a dinghy tour in Marquer Bay

  • 6/22/2019 12:46

    Ep. 5 Sailing to Bahamas.

  • 6/22/2019 12:16

    Ep. 74 Dolphins in Sea of Cortez

  • 6/21/2019 15:24

    Ep. 60 Alaska: Valdez Habor and a Golden Eagles seen from above

  • 6/21/2019 14:50

    Ep. 66 Alaska: Ammonite approach Kodiak

  • 6/21/2019 12:15

    Ep. 65 Alaska: The fiirst I did on my 70 years birthday in Alaska