Featured Nordhavn: N6218 INFINITY 

Featured Nordhavn is N6218 - INFINITY ∞.  Thank you Andy Nemier for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions so I could update INFINITY ∞'s feature page to the new format!
Andy and Julie Nemier recently lost Harley, their family dog, to cancer.  The NordhavnRegistry wishes to express condolences to the loss of a valued member of INFINITY ∞'s crew and the Nemier family!

Why Nordhavn and why an N62? 

My wife, Julie, chose the N62.  

When I first started looking for our passagemaker, I was looking at Catamarans.  After a few months of candid discussion, Julie revealed that she was just not interested in any sailing vessel as our boat-of-choice.  So, I removed my sailing-chip, and inserted the Trawler-chip, & soon after became drawn to Nordhavns.  I scheduled a morning with Don Kohlmann in Seattle, and he showed us a 40, 43, 47, and two 62's.  The moment Julie entered the Salon of the N62, she said, "I'd sell our house for this"  The rest is history.  I am the luckiest man on earth!

What other N62’s did you look at before making the decision to purchase INFINITY ∞?  

We looked at 6206 & 6236.  As you can imagine, with 14 years and a lot of miles under the keel between them, there were some differences.  However, the bones and soul of the vessels were identical, and we loved it.  We could 'see' ourselves immersed in a N62.  As an aside, there were 37 N62 keels' laid, from 6201 to 6238.  Hull number 13 was never built.

Is there anything specific about INFINITY ∞ that made your decision to buy INFINITY ∞ over another N62 easier?  

INFINITY ∞ majestically entered the harbor one day, unannounced.  It was a chance sighting, but the energy surrounding the moment was too great to ignore.  We actively pursued the purchase from an owner who did not yet know his boat was for sale.  During our first visit onboard, we were delighted to see the features we dreamed about.  Twin helm chairs, pilot house day-bed, chest freezer, bustle, 4-cabin layout, Lugger Main & Wing engines, ABT hydraulics.  These features just sealed our resolve to purchase.  It was a perfect match for us.

If you could change one thing about INFINITY  or add something that you saw on another N62, what would you change and why?

I would appreciate more access to systems, and Julie has bath-tub envy.  Every system we work on, we try to leave the project with easier access for next time.  We have modified our 62 to our liking, and to how we use the boat.  Although not a feature of any N62 that we're aware of, the N55 has a wonderful bath-tub, and in time that attribute may become part of INFINITY ∞ as well.

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On the other side of this same question, what is your favorite thing about the N62?

Oh so many things,,, we love the salty look, the pedigree of the vessel and the single-minded, purposeful design. In particular, that sleek low profile which differentiates her from most of the other Nordhavn models.  She has been quoted by many as “the finest ocean-going luxury yacht ever produced under 70 feet.”  We have no argument,,, and INFINITY ∞ is basically our home.  I enjoy the Portugese Bridge, and the ABT hydraulic package (Stabilizers & Thrusters) and admire the Lugger engines.


If you ever decide to upgrade from the N62, what is your first choice and why?

Nordhavn 76, hands down, no question.

She'll be a simply outfitted vessel, robust, and unstoppable.  Heavy on mechanics, light on electronics.  (,,,much like INFINITY ∞).  Twin engines and full ABT technology.  I'll bring in an interior design-house to meet Jay, and tell them both to 'go nuts'.  The Lion's share of the money will be spent on commercial propulsion, large tankage, interior design and communications.


Do you have a favorite destination you've been with INFINITY ∞? What made it special for you?

Can we please re-visit this question again, after we have completed our 6-month South Pacific cruise?  We have enjoyed San Diego, Puerto Vallarta, and Hawaii so far.  4 months in SD, 9 months in PV and 17 months? in HI.  As you can see, we're not rushing anything.


What is your biggest worry when you are at sea?

Main engine stopping.  Scares the hell out of me.

What about when you are at anchor?

I do not have a care in the world at anchor.  With a 300 lb anchor and 960 lbs of chain, we have never dragged, even when the anchor is sitting on-top of coral, unset.  I never drink alcohol when in transit, at anchor I can really enjoy a beer.

Now that you have owned INFINITY ∞ for a while what would you say is the best advice you could give to a potential first-time Nordhavn owner?

I could keep a first time 'boat-owner' busy for a year, but advice for a first time Nordhavn owner I'm not so sure.  Moving into a Nordhavn is like moving from a Chevy to a Lexus.  No advice necessary, just enjoy.

To better serve your question though, they could power through the Nordhavn Dreamers archives and FB site, while also corresponding with as many Nordhavn owners as they can.  A Nordhavn owner may have a different point-of-view from a Nordhavn seller.

Who is Andy Nemier? Please tell a little about yourself.

Happily married to Julie for 27 years, two grown kids, Chloë & Kal.  We are classic empty-nesters.

Our base is in North Vancouver, Canada, but our boat is our Home.  A few years ago we sold everything we owned to purchase INFINITY ∞, but I still have to go to work to finance the dream.  I work in the Offshore industry, mainly involved in the installation of oil-rigs and subsea completions.

Who in the boating world has made the biggest impact on you?

1.  Lynn & Larry Pardey

2.  Webb Chiles

3.  Nordhavn-Owners-Group  -  collectively.

Why would you say that they have made an impact on you personally?

The Pardey's struck a chord in me, when I first read "go simple, go small, go now".  It dawned on me that anyone in the world could traverse God's blue earth if they set their mind to it.  I mean anyone.  

The concept to me was Life Changing.  We have chosen another Path, but the Pardey's have demonstrated better than anyone in modern seafaring history, that the world is truly your oyster,,, and here's how to do it.  Fantastic.

Webb Chiles (IMHO) is the greatest sailor that has ever lived and I'm in full admiration.  At 74 years old, he is engaged on his 6th circumnavigation, this time in a Moore 24.  He is an accomplished author and poet.  I have read every word he has written.

The N-O-G, you will not find a more diverse, clever, caring bunch of people in the world.  Every Nordhavn owner we have met is eager to devote time & energy into any question we've had.  It's a great dynamic and we feel honored to be amongst such fine individuals.

For my last question, let's have a little fun: You are CEO of PAE/Nordhavn for a day with full authority and any decisions you make are guaranteed to be completed - what would you do?

I would create / organize / & implement the NPR.     Nordhavn Pacific Rally !!    (from San Diego to New Zealand)

,,,wouldn't that be something!

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