Special Feature: N5605 Motorsailer Adworld

This month I have the opportunity to feature not one but two Nordhavns on the NordhavnRegistry.  I couldn't wait to show off this beautiful Nordhavn Motorsailer until January and thought this is a great opportunity to have twice as much new content for December!  Enjoy!

Why Nordhavn and why an N56 Motorsailer?

I have owned many top end boats from a 62' Fairline Squadron Motor Yacht to an Amel 54' sailing ketch.  In a very real way, the Nordhavn Motorsailer embodies many of the virtues of these vessels which would seem at opposite ends of the cruising spectrum.

What other N56 Motorsailer’s did you look at before making the decision to purchase Adworld?

Obviously, there were special circumstances, bearing in mind the history of Adworld. My initial interest was in an N62 that I had seen in Fort Lauderdale.  The 50-60' range has always been a given in the boats that I have owned, but there seemed to be a 'balance' in the '62' that set it apart from other alternatives.  (I agree!)

Later, seeing the Nordhavn Motorsailer, just opened up a whole spectrum of sensible cruising parameters.

Is there anything specific about Adworld that made your decision to buy her over another N56 Motorsailer easier?  

Again, bearing in mind the special circumstances which allowed me to build in low maintenance and simple systems to suit long range, remote cruising, the sailing aspect of such a robust, high end vessel was unique both to Nordhavn, and other alternatives that I was considering.

If you could change one thing about Adworld or add something that you saw on another Nordhavn, what would you change and why?

Basically no.  The 56MS is such a departure from the trawler based Nordhavn that special features of the trawlers are not adaptable.

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On the other side of this same question, what is your favorite thing about the N56 Motorsailer?

Long range cruisability with inherent redundancy of sail.

If you ever decide to upgrade from the N56 Motorsailer, what is your first choice and why?

Unless there was another Motorsailer on the drawing board, I would find an upgrade unwarranted.  I am contemplating the purchase of an Elling E4 in Europe, but specifically for canal cruising, so very specific, and outside the Nordhavn field of expertise.

Do you have a favorite destination you've been with Adworld? What made it special for you?

Sea of Cortez in Mexico.  It is the perfect setting for the Motorsailer.

What is your biggest worry when you are at sea?

Unexpected weather change.

What about when you are at anchor?

At anchor, there are all the usual possibilities, but I have never had a concern about anything other than the ice machine keeping up.

What do you think has been you biggest mistake during your ownership of Adworld?

I have planned every aspect of build and cruising of Adworld, and have been happy with every decision and the abilities of the boat, so really no big mistakes.

What about you biggest triumph?

The resurrection of such a beautiful vessel... And surprising many people.

Now that you have owned Adworld for a few years, what would you say is the best advice you could give to a potential first-time Nordhavn owner?

Research.  Try before you buy.  Stick to your budget.

Who is Stephen Martyn? Please tell a little about yourself.

Property developer in Oz.  Specializing in holiday accommodation.  I escaped in 2008 to concentrate on boats and boating around the world.

Who in the boating world has made the biggest impact on you? 

Sorry, no one in particular, except in the Nordhavn circle ... Bob Senter and Steve D'Antonio (Steve D'Antonio Marine Consulting) for their selfless, sage advice.

Do you have or have you had a blog detailing your adventures on Adworld?

No, but mañana :)

For my last question, let's have a little fun: You are CEO of PAE/Nordhavn for a day with full authority and any decisions you make are guaranteed to be completed - what would you do?

Initiate Nordhavn motor sailer mark 2... 48 foot, simple systems including 4 cylinder JD, vp prop system and pilot hours configuration.

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